I connect bold vision to real action using my future-thinking drive, entrepreneurial creativity, and business transformation acumen.



My ‘superpower’ is envisioning bold futures and championing those breakout ideas into viable transformational strategies.


Connecting bold vision, fueled by insights, helps me break through stagnant rivers of thinking to reach actionable tactics that result in measurable outcomes.


With a keen sense of design, language, and storytelling, I craft impactful presentations, experiences, brands, and campaigns.


Whether building new ventures or transforming from within, my thoughtful approach to teamwork yields results.

“Jill Bamburg

I’ve known Gerod in multiple capacities for the last seven years — as a BGI/Pinchot student, as a co-worker and, most recently, as his boss. The thing I most value about Gerod is his relentless enthusiasm. Whether he was founding OUT 4 Sustainability, rebranding BGI/Pinchot, or helping me polish the annual appeal, I knew I could always count on Gerod to bring his best game, see the project through regardless of the work involved, and emerge with pride in his work, a keen eye for future improvements, and a readiness to tackle the next big project. He has been a pleasure to work with.

Gerod nimbly connects future-driven vision with pragmatically optimistic action. Attracted to intersections, he finds fresh opportunities in the spaces between established business practices and shifting cultural norms. With time at ?What If!, Valtech, and other leading agencies, Gerod has accelerated innovation strategies in healthcare, developed new categories in food & beverage, and brought disruptive ideas to life in mainstream retail.

Gerod applies his entrepreneurial creativity with clients ranging from social enterprise to luxury retail. He’s equipped with an MBA in Sustainable Business and experience as both client and consultant with some of the most purpose-driven companies and organizations in the country. He is also the founder of OUT for Sustainability, the leading LGBTQ sustainability nonprofit dedicated to building a Fabulous Planet.

Gerod finds deep pleasure trying new restaurants, is appropriately obsessed with Sweden, is excitingly married to his favorite man, and is happy to share that his name is pronounced /’jer-ed ‘roh-dee/.



Visualizing possibilities and outcomes that deviate from established norms.


Taking initiative to lead and quickly take action on opportunities and issues.


Delivering and exchanging information to meaningfully connect people and ideas.


Identifying how ideas unfold and backcast them to achieve desired outcomes.


Creating milestones for celebration and learning in the life-cycle of a project.


Some Presentations, Publications, & Press

I have the pleasure of writing and speaking extensively on the intersection of identity, values, business, culture, and society. These days I’m mostly apply these connecting points to the LGBTQ sustainability movement, business and organizational transformation, and strategic cultural innovation.

If you’d like to reach me about an opportunity to share my story and stance, please get in touch by contacting me at gerod@gerodrody.com.

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“Casey Dilloway, A&R Solar

Gerod is one of my most favorite people to work with when it comes to creative marketing projects. We had the opportunity to do this together through online marketing and social media projects at Pinchot University. Brainstorming sessions with Gerod are filled with intense possibility and curiosity. Distilling ideas with Gerod feels like a calming and confidence-boosting process. And executing projects with Gerod is like being on a refreshing hike to an unknown destination that everyone is sure will have an outstanding view. I’m still striving for more opportunities to work with Gerod on collaborative projects, and I’m jealous of anyone who gets to grab him for their own pursuits!

“Matthew Wahn, Accenture Interactive

Gerod is an absolute professional. He is a talented, disciplined, and a highly focused collaborator. As part of the strategy practice, he integrated seamlessly within our teams and brought passion, energy and fresh ideas to some of the world’s leading brands. Every day he shows up with enthusiasm and a broad perspective that makes the work sharper and everyone around him smarter. Any organization seeking to attract talent will appreciate his unique abilities.

“Whitney Johnson, Texas Water Development Board

I’m not sure I have ever met someone with more substantive and rapid ideation, more commitment to an organization’s mission, or more capacity to delve eagerly and earnestly into intimidating projects. Gerod is a design and communications genius who can see at once, both the forest and the trees, in ways that inspire innovative progress in the midst of complicated situations. He is a creative and courageous leader advancing sustainability with enthusiasm, integrity, and ingenuity.

“Jonathan Saw, Jonathan Saw & Associates

I asked Gerod to lead a branding workshop for a client. He was the ideal person to bring onto the project, even though the client had not given us a ton of time to prepare. From setup to facilitation to follow-through, Gerod was able to guide a successful workshop. He had a great ability to solicit ideas from a large group and able to convert them into useable strategies and content.

“Dorian Anderson Koch, McKinsey & Company

Gerod not only has strong strategy chops, but is great person to work with. He creates an excellent atmosphere for brainstorming and ideation sessions: generating great ideas while also listening to and building on the ideas of others. During our focus groups, he kept up the energy in the room and his personable nature made participants feel at ease. It was easy to quickly foster a symbiotic way of working while we were on a short but intense project—and I’m glad I had the opportunity to work with him.

“Nick Abraham, Yes on 1631

I worked with Gerod while at Pinchot University as his Communications Associate. I chose the word “with” carefully. He made an extraordinary effort to make our work collaborative and uplifting. He continuously inspired me to do my best work by tying all our efforts to the larger mission of the school and our drive to educate better sustainability professionals that would go on to do great things in the world. More than any manager I’ve worked with he drove me to do my best work and gave me the confidence and training to take on projects independently and require less oversight. He has tremendous vision for the lifeblood and niche organizations can fill. I expect any company he works will focus its direction and understand its self better as soon as he walks through their doors.