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I’m Gerod.

As an innovation strategist, I’m your scout connecting far out vision with near in action. My expertise is in customer experience, business design, and digital transformation. 

I believe opportunity lives at the junction of business foresight, environmental resilience, and cultural relevance. 

Clients I've worked with

ready. fire. aim.My approach to innovation

ready.Uncover truths among edge cases and weirds; make connections between them to hone your intentions.

fire.Spark concepts unrestrained by opinions or facts; immerse in opportunities worth feeling to land your evolving solution.

aim.Collide plans with purpose; bend with conviction, respect, audacity in order to manifest a solution worthy the effort.

“Follow the truth of the way. Reflect upon it. Make it your own. Live it. It will always sustain you.” Gautama Buddha

solutions I've sparked