2021-01-06 gerodrody

2021 Intention: Prolific

Leaning in to be abundantly inventive

For the twelfth time, I’ve set an intention for the year. Each intention has been a character trait I want to learn to embody more over the course of the coming 12 months. It’s been a beautiful journey every time, full of unexpected outcomes that bring out a fuller version of me.

For 2021, I’ve landed on ‘Prolific’.

I’m holding prolific to mean having the capacity, focus, and drive to be abundantly inventive and to produce great work in a way that flows naturally and optimistically. For a long stretch, I’ve toiled hard to get where I am today. It was a struggle to reach my current career potential. I fought indifference to my unique skills, my own insecurity about thinking differently than most, and where to funnel my unbounded energy. Now that I’ve gotten through a dramatically quiet 2020, I’m ready to put all that energy and ambition into my core and let the work flow from there. Check in with me through the year to see how it goes!


  • Every year I land a one word intention
  • It’s about being Prolific this year, the state of being abundantly inventive
  • Every day I’ll learn more about this new character trait and we’ll see where it takes me

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