One of the biggest names in beauty for the past several decades, the showpiece of one of the largest beauty corporations in the world, came to reimagine their approach to innovation and determine a new retail experience (including the technology, financial model, consumer interaction, product delivery, etc) that will scale across their global footprint.


I was the driving force for this tremendous undertaking, leading all aspects of the first phase of discovery and the subsequent definition and design of the ‘wow’ they vocally sought to have delivered. Despite the most challenging set of unforeseen roadblocks I’ve had in my career, I managed to conduct efforts (consumer ideation, trend analysis, cross-organizational pressure testing, etc) to reach a Phase 1 outcome that is the highly classified showpiece of my career to-date.


I delivered the Concept Brief to 30 C-level execs, structured by why, what, and how the experience would come to life. Without breaking the NDA, I can say that the why was exhaustive, focused on what defines co-creation, community, and consumer advocacy. The what detailed three radiating stages of the experience, with both physical and digital elements, and unpacked a multitude of possibilities to bring into Phase 2 prototyping. Finally the how, while still dependent on the final experience logistics, illustrated the value of scenarios to a variety of core and influencing consumer stakeholders.

While my participation ended with this first phase, I’m proud that along with many a congrats from these savvy folks, the brand’s president exclaimed it was the leapfrog they needed.

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