A major national retailer specializing in health and wellness came to explore the consumer benefit of integrating digital into their in-store experience.


We observationally tracked and analyzed customer foot traffic and staff interactions, looked deeply into parallels in tangent industries, and probed cross-functionally and cross-hierarchically to understand the SWOT of our client.

As part of the output, I developed a bespoke matrix to unearth the connections between consumer tribes, company stakeholders and functions, and both owned and influencing omni-touchpoints.

I also prototyped a key recommendation by creating and launching a faux company to test our hypothesis, complete with social advertising and a path to purchase.


In delivering the output of all this action, the CEO determined our work was the best he’d seen by a consultant (nice to hear as they had just spent 10x our fee on a large management consultant firm), and that the matrix I created would be the company innovation guiding model going forward.

They also have launched and are actively promoting both the updated view on consumer segmentation (from demographics to attitudinal affiliation) I recommended, and the product model we had tested with the faux company. Both have been highly data-rich and consumer-benefit focused making this pair a centerpiece of their future-leaning strategy.

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