Senior Business Designer


Board of Innovation

Brooklyn, NY

I launched a six month B2B innovation accelerator, and then as COVID-19 took hold, reconfigured the many moving parts into a virtual experience using collaboration tools, and relaunched for five teams around the globe. Unfortunately the CEO of the $14B company suspended all external consulting funding and so was furloughed and eventually sunset my brief but valuable time with BOI.

Senior Strategist


Strategy Consultant


Valtech Solutions

New York, NY

My strategy consulting targeted business transformation through the lens of digital experience design. I led customer research, product ideation, digital analysis, innovation evaluation, omnichannel user experience, generational market trends, core and market positioning, retail reinvention, distribution diversification, etc. My work firmly established the NYC strategy offering of this global agency, and served clients by shifting business models, redefining core values, and driving value creating seamless experiences for their target and retained customers. Clients included B2B, B2C, and B2B2C in luxury, retail, manufacturing, health, and many other verticals.



?What If! Innovation

New York, NY

I created breakthrough ideas for new products, brands, services, and business models. This process included consumer and expert interviews, online community concept testing, workshops with both internal and external stakeholders, and other insight generating actions that go deeper than traditional market research or business consulting. I supported business development with research going deep into leading edge trends and market forces in the sector.

Strategy Consultant


Gerod Rody Consulting

New York, NY

Independently and with agencies, I have led innovation evaluation, visual identity, positioning, and omnichannel messaging expression. I directed a robust discovery process at a leading energy program, defined organizational personality and key messaging with a human services organization, and led creative expression, asset development, website architecture, content creation, and brand guidelines for nonprofit, corporate, and social enterprise clients.

Director of Marketing


Marketing Manager


Pinchot University*

Seattle, WA

I directed all marketing and communications with key influence on organizational strategy and product development, leading a team of six. I retooled professional development into a branded program, re-crafted our strategy to focus on content marketing, and shifted communications to focus on community engagement.

I launched Pinchot as “a university for the common good” to connect several merging entities. I directed the positioning and name change, collateral vision, design and production, roll-out messaging and implementation, and community activation. It resulted in beautifully improved KPIs with doubled digital metrics, increased application rate, and increased student and alumni satisfaction.

*Pinchot has since merged with Presidio Graduate School

MBA in Sustainable Business

Bainbridge Island, WA

Bainbridge Graduate Institute*


Studies focused on triple-bottom-line accounting, interpersonal leadership, entrepreneurial innovation, and change management strategy.

Additional concentrations in Community Economic Dev and Green Building.

Capstone entrepreneurship project focused on launching and scaling urban farming in New England, now active as Green City Growers.

Student representative to the Presidential Transition Task Force.

Student Lead for the Industry Concentrations program.

*BGI has since merged with Presidio Graduate School

BA in International Studies

Seattle, WA

University of Washington


Studies focused on international cultural and business systems in small countries, with minor studies in Swedish language and architectural history.

Thesis on the impact to Swedish national identity from shifts in immigration patterns, in the context of housing systems since WWII.

Studied in Stockholm, Sweden in a high-profile immersive collaboration between UW, Stockholm University, and the Svenska Institutet.

Studied in Reykjavik, Iceland as part of an international summit on ‘Small States and European Integration’ by the EU and Icelandic government.


Far out and pragmatically disruptive vision


Taking initiative to start with the goal in mind


Mind melding with collaborators and stakeholders


Systems thinking applied to the high level and the details


Marking milestones to celebrate indicators of success

Founder, President


OUT for Sustainability


Envisioned, built, and led the first and only nonprofit to bridge the LGBTQ community and sustainability values. The organization’s focus is on education and advocacy supported by a network of thousands with international reach. By sparking this movement, I helped folks of all walks to spark and pursue passion for social and environmental justice. With over a hundred events hosted around the country (including several groundbreaking Fab Planet conferences), dozens of articles published, and more than 5,000 volunteers and participants engaged, I’m excited to see the organization continue to work with the climate crisis, activism empowerment, and identity ignition.

Senior Fellow


Environmental Leadership Program

Pacific Northwest

Member of the fellowship program’s first Pacific Northwest cohort, with immersion in diversity, systems thinking, and strengths-based leadership.

Board Member


Seattle LGBTQ Community Development

Seattle, WA

Inaugural member of the nonprofit leading efforts to build a viable concept and model for an LGBTQ community center, nonprofit co-working space, cultural space, interactive educational exhibit host, and possible elder housing.