After a North America leader in respiratory care was acquired by the largest health product corporation in the world, this family company switched from being a product manufacturer to being a niche service provider. Without a clear direction, the team, their patients and constituents, and the market the new parent company needed to retain didn’t quite know what to do with this new model of care.


From proposal to final delivery, I crafted and executed a process to unearth their core value proposition, including their position in a crowded and competitive service industry, and how to message to 12 different core stakeholder sets. With HIPPA preventing direct patient contact, I utilized healthcare experts, cross-hierarchical internal team members, and deep market insights to unlock the challenge.


I built a narrative that was emotive and functional, emphasizing their nimble size servicing three niche products as a differentiator vs an inhibitor against competitors with 1000’s of commoditized products. This set up the parent company to expand reach through alternative delivery, and strengthened the value for team, patients, and constituents. With variable based messaging, we unpacked how the new positioning would message throughout their ecosystem. It was a huge success, aligning the team and giving an ease to the parent company/child subsidiary relationship.

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