2020-04-22 gerodrody


Current isn't always correct

Your company won’t gain a competitive edge merely skimming the surface of current customer behavior. A truly insightful advantage comes from anticipating where need is going while simultaneously accounting for the forces that influence change.

It’s a delightful journey to interview customers, especially when clients join to meet consumers in their homes. This exercise is beneficial for building a baseline empathy and uncovering tangential indicators. What a handful of immersive interviews cannot give, though, is a foundation for decision making. Too often I’ve seen a quote from a consumer blown out of proportion, letting it become the source of truth. Even worse is when I’ve seen clients use weak focus group numbers drive stakes into the heart of good ideas because consumers didn’t ‘get’ it.

Great innovations aren’t easily understood before their time. Ideas that work thrive by filling the space of future unconscious need, not crowding current conscious desires. Consumers didn’t asked for a buttonless phone, they resisted it.

Your customers have a self-narrative that drives their behavior. This absolutely hasn’t caught up with how they actually meet their needs, even in B2B. Achieving seamless disruption in your market will only come if you invest in becoming an insightful company. Insightful leaders listen to the outliers and gets their head out of weak stats in favor of strong intuition.


  • Advantage comes from anticipation of future need
  • Innovation isn’t easy to understand, at first
  • Listen to the outliers and your intuition

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