2020-07-03 gerodrody

Into the Unknown

Future denial and determination

The global economy has been slapped silly, along with essentially all human derived systems. How we think of ourselves (as individuals, as society, and even as a species) is being called into question. Humanity’s poor priorities have been revealed to show how our tortured values break lives and threaten our existence (Climate Change??!!).

Upcoming months and years are everyone’s guess.

  • Will the new swine flu bring on a second pandemic to already decimated systems?
  • Will countries like Lebanon be able to keep the literal lights on, and what are the ripple effects if a modern democracy starves?
  • Will the US be barred from flights out, not just to Europe but around the globe?
  • Will China’s economic and societal dominance thrive while populist governments (Brazil, etc) deny their way into oblivion?

Unknowns are where change sticks.

  • We might end up with the Merkels of the world setting such a good example that other populations follow, forcing out the powers that are sucking up resources like there is  no tomorrow, but really no tomorrow.
  • We might get a progressive agenda in the US that can survive the massive new set of rabidly conservative federal judges.
  • We might see corrupted dynasties brought to their knees by visibility and a collective will to survive (vs fight each other for scraps).

Innovation is possible now more than in the past decade+, because it’s needed at a fundamental paradigm level. We’re seeing shifts in beauty (Fenty and diverse body types), increases in accountability (corporate board room racial compositions), and billionaires held sorta accountable for their impact (Facebook hemorrhaging high visibility advertisers). We need to keep asking “what for” to harness this change and direct it into better lives. Currency is a construct. Bottom lines will catch up if we do right by people and screw the quarterly return for a bit.


  • Everything human is terrible, bring on the change
  • It all might become amazing, if (big if) we listen to good instincts
  • Shifting for greatness is chaotic, but doesn’t it feel like it’s going somewhere?

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