2020-04-14 gerodrody


Give yourself permission

Purpose is often used in grand ways. Yet your company purpose is not the good things you want to do, but rather your reason for being.

Commodities and middle-of-the-road brands are struggling largely because whether B2C, B2B, or B2B2C, your customers want a relationship that isn’t fluff. Now, this relationship is rarely a fun loving romance, but the principles of connecting human to human still apply. Respect, trust, delight, joy, and other attributes are what form the foundation of any acquisition, transaction, or retention…or said another way, the reason your company exists is its purpose.

For instance, I love to hate mega e-commerce companies for their detachment from the communities they impact. Yet, I have a premium account with one because of the reliability I bet will be there when I want something to come to me easily and quickly.

On the other hand, I love to love companies with a story like Who Gives a Crap. They have managed through their company structures and cheeky messaging (and quality product) to delight me when I buy and use sanitation products like tissue and toilet paper. I know that their purpose as a company is more than greed, so I go out of my way to order and advocate for them.

Giving your company permission to have a set of character traits is key to connecting with your customer, and your team and stakeholders in a meaningful way. Hopefully your purpose as a company is worth existing for. If not, dig deeper and find a reason to be that’s worth it for your customer to care.


  • Customers can see through your lofty fluff
  • How you operate is clearly communicating your purpose
  • Meaning is how to build worthwhile customer relationships

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