2020-06-14 gerodrody

Remote Resilience

Sustain your career through the pandemic

Visibility and review

You are being judged without a solid framework for it.

Get ahead of transparency, because the data will back you up if you position it proactively. Track your own activity and hours, find what works and share out your own analysis of both productivity and personal sanity. Show off the struggles and tactics of how you got to a certain victory. Remember that your team wants to see your best work, so give them fuel to understand how you got there and how great your milestones are.

Celebrate together.

Performance check

Your team wants to be dazzled by you, but they just had to drop another a crisis to get on this call.

You’re all in suspended reality crisis mode, so make space for soft spots and professionally presented fears and frustrations. Give a chance to the return of team names, check ins in breakout rooms amidst larger conference calls, and getting every voice in the room through artful facilitation. Build on each other, but author something original and bold to stay visible in the conversation. Join the retrospective if you can, and initiate it and draft it as needed to capture the moment.

Contribution positioning

This might be as close as you’ll get to a flat organization.

If you’re in power, share your tactful messy moments with enough humility to not accidentally show off (traffic to your Hamptons house = no need to mention to your intern with four roommates). As a leader on an internal call, let down your guard. This is still uncharted territory for us all.

As a contributor, consider what is unique and powerful for leadership to know in these uncharted waters. It may be your insightful observations of your kid’s bath routine that unlocks the next corporate strategy. Land the opportunity space and position yourself to guide the team there.


  • Take charge of your visibility
  • Artfully contribute to the conversation
  • Share and be shared to flatten your corporate curve

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