As an innovation strategist focused on human-centered design, I guide clients to pivot through change with a far out view for ongoing resilience.

I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the largest and often most purpose-driven organizations around the country and the world including retail, finance, beauty, consumer goods, and energy.

My work and passion is connecting far-out vision with near-in action. I see the most valuable opportunities in the spaces between established business practices, the need for environmental resilience, and shifting cultural norms.

I am equipped with an MBA in Sustainable Business and am also the founder of OUT for Sustainability, the leading LGBTQ+ nonprofit dedicated to building a Fabulous Planet. I enjoy long dog walks in Brooklyn, sharing meals with friends, and traveling the world.

A bit more about me

For those of you interested in the fuller story, here are some additional ingredients in the composition of me.

Past lives

A true Pacific Northwest boy, I was born and raised among misty evergreens, invincible rhubarb, eternal precipitation, and majestic views of Mount Rainier.

My family defines work hard, play hard. Growing up, my father and his brother built one of the most successful chiropractic and massage therapy clinics on the west coast, from scratch. Dad worked in the cadaver lab at school, drove tour buses on perilous roads in Alaska, and collected free wood to heat the home early in my life on our his and our family’s road to success. My mother’s dedication to strongly held morals and natural living had us eating organic quinoa far long it was cool. My sister’s and I had a mix of homeschool, public school, private school, and international school. I’m the eldest of the three of us, with my middle sister taking on the family profession as an establish Chiropractor after finishing high school early, undergrad early, and a dual degree medical education. She is specialized in women and pediatric, but she can adjust anyone just like my dad. My younger sister followed after my mom, raising and homeschooling her four kids with a love of life that inspires me. Both have fantastic husbands and are blessed with great health, taking after our brilliant grandparents that deserve pages of their own to describe the love they gave me. It was absolutely complicated too, not least by my then unknown bipolar type 1 condition, but I’ve learned to see the plural nature of upbringing and how some of their best intentions weren’t so great and some of their struggles taught me to thrive. Oh, and I’ve been stable and striving with bipolar since 2002, overcoming and sidestepping trials to really know who I am and I’m eternally grateful for it.

Fast forward, and after coming up (and eventually out) in the deeply conservative evangelical network, I’ve since experimented with a variety of communities including the…

nurturing raw-food-macrobiotic-vegan coworker set at our town’s organic market I worked at after High School (in 1999, very pre Whole Paycheck). I also worked at Starbucks, clocking 75 hour weeks for 8 months to save money for my gap year adventure.

non-denominational earnest missionary set I studied and volunteered with in England and Turkey after high school, before university. The most liberal people I’d met to-date, our (alcohol free) parties liberated me to be free.

fun loving business-major and pre-law bro set of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, where we both had the highest GPA of any group on campus and the most epic parties as a top five house. BTW, I led our house to homecoming victory including a rendition of Thriller.

international intellectual student set I studied abroad with in Sweden and Iceland and/or volunteered with back in Seattle helping other global learners. You’ll hear me mention Sweden once or twice if you ever meet me, not least because the Stockholm archipelago of neighborhoods is inked on my forearm.

environmental justice through business set of my “hippy” MBA colleagues, still the smartest sincere people out there doing good. With classes ranging from personal development (think cathartic leadership training by locating the root of biases and fears) to triple-bottom-line accounting where we could quantify your sustainability chops by the transparency of your balance sheet.

queer community nonprofit set I engaged with around the world as I ran OUT for Sustainability for 12 years, striving toward a more Fabulous Planet. Recruiting about 30 board members for 2-5 years terms, personally fielding about 500 new volunteer conversations, and hosting about 5,000 folks at events around the country and I can say it will be hard to top that level of intentionality.

hipster-chic, friendly-gay, we-know-the-DJ set in New York City who dance at Middle Eastern gender bending/inclusive experiences, reinvigorated rooftop discos, and deep soul let-us-all-be-free warehouse parties. They have been my community here in the big city of superlatives and, with more dinner parties and roof hangouts than 6am cabs, I’m loving the progression.

Present realities

My husband and I married September 2018 after a dynamic distance sprint following our love-at-first-meet in NYC. He moved from Lebanon for me, has settled into life in the city like a pro, and his eyes fill heart with joy every day.

Our happy Jack Russell pup is my husband’s baby and my buddy. No’ota and I cuddle for hours, coordinate our outfits (I’m a proud papa), and take great walks along the DUMBO waterfront and Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

Probable future

When I was 14, I had 20 year plan that I figured was the best recipe for success. My milestone planning has loosened up a bit, and I see life as more of a dance now.

What I’d like to do is keep growing as a management consultant and zero in more and more on the big unlocks in society that business can lead. I believe that we have an opportunity to make great decisions based on guided instinct toward unconscious shifts in the culture… to lead instead of follow by thinking beyond the immediate and scouting into the far out.