2020-05-19 gerodrody


Grit is earned

Companies aren’t supposed to have it easy. It’s how your company handles challenge that defines the value of your brand. Done well and you earn respect from stakeholders, and build the trust with your customers.

No matter what industry you’re in, external forces can always lay your best plans to waste. COVID-19 is a notable example straining the systems of the ‘winners’ like video conferencing, and cratering the margins and existence of the many industries and companies deemed non-essential by a pandemic no one can yet control.

To struggle is a human condition. Therefore, how you handle your weak points as a company can endear you to your customers, onlookers, and advocates. People aren’t vocalizing hate at face mask companies not delivering in two days (at least not the customers you want), because they understand surging demand. Consumers aren’t demanding to dump brands that have tech glitches, at least not at critical mass, IF that company handle it with transparency and humility.

By taking your hardship in stride, being creative and thoughtful with your response to it, and owning the sacrifices you’re making to continue providing value, you appear (and are) relatable. Customers are watching… what are you doing to be resilient even as you occasionally trip and fall?


  • External forces disrupt the best plans
  • Challenge breeds resilience and customer trust
  • Own your response to change and build relatable value

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