2020-06-25 gerodrody


Reimagine the future

Inserting a new paradigm into the market isn’t a science, it’s an art. Instinct and passion come together to form the nucleus of a new standard.

Most often, the idea is addressing a human need with a product or service as the vehicle to deliver it. Think of Starbucks’ vision of a ‘third place’ between home and office, with coffee as a tool in service to this white space. Or Martha Stewart’s vision of making everyday special moments accessible, with recipes and centerpieces as the tangible moments that anchored this emotive goal. Costco fulfills on their goal of democratized leverage of wholesale, with limited decision anxiety and great team policy as ways to sustain this purpose.

New ventures with soul and true differentiation go beyond the established, becoming more than simply a better version of what’s already out there. By focusing on the vision, the delivery can change. For instance, Martha’s friendship with Snoop Dawg illustrates how she wasn’t selling a style. Instead, she embodies a bridge between who I am today and how I can live tomorrow. As trends shift and threaten to undo our standing, having a higher level vision gives permission to adapt to change.


  • Paradigm shifts come from passion
  • Your goal should be human centric
  • Effective adaptation requires new thinking

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